About Us

“My race is run in the shop building motors, setting up chassis, and developing race parts.  Once the rider takes the seat my race is done and theirs begins on the best equipment in the field.”  This is the statement by which Ronnie Saner, owner of RSRacecraft runs the shop and pro AMA road racing team Latus Motors Racing.

My racing and performance background began with a passion for racing. Prior to building my business as an engine builder and fabricator I worked for a factory professional watercraft race team and eventually made my mark as a crew chief for a privateer team winning three world titles, a world record in slalom (that is still standing) and seven European championships.

I have never been one to settle for “that is just the way it is done” or “that is fast enough”.  I have spent the last twenty five years tearing it apart and figuring out how to optimize the parts to make it faster, lighter, and sometimes breaking it in the end.

Once it was decided that we were going road racing we took with us the knowledge we had learned over the years racing ATV’s, snowmobiles, and jetskis to the track.  We didn’t have the “how to run a factory road race team” manual, we did things practically and logically and brought with us tools, products, and privateer based ideals to strive higher, work longer, and push to the front.

It is these experiences that have driven RSRacecraft to become a shop that can do all aspects of the racing process in house. Although in some instances this may take us longer and much more effort to get up to speed, once the technology and performance have been achieved we have the security that things learned honestly can never be taken from us.  This is the philosophy that drives us to our never ending pursuit of racing knowledge. Nearly everyone involved in the RSRacecraft team has had extensive racetrack experience and  is willing and prepared to help you along with your racing adventure.   RSR has partnered with quality companies to bring you racing winning superior products.  We are not here to cater to the masses; we are true enthusiasts who love to come to work every day to find a way to go faster tomorrow.

Photo: Studio819 Brandon Bones