Bickle Tire Warmers

All warmers now have the best insulation available. This will help increase the warmers longevity as well as performance. The time required to heat soak a tire is drastically reduced.

Bickle Tire Warmers have been developed with the help of riders input for well over the last decade.  All products used in the manufacturing process are purchased in North America and we constantly strive to source better materials that will enhance the performance of our products and support the North American economy. We make our warmers,,we don”t partially assemble them off shore and then have them shipped here.

With our experience it has become apparent that you can’t build a cheap warmer that does the right job.

You can build a cheap warmer, but it will not give you consistent heat with longevity. When some manufacturers endeavor to keep cutting costs, We at Bickle Racing pursue what is right for the tire and the rider. Building a good warmer costs money ,like a good engine builder.We hand lay heating wire that is designed for efficiency and longevity as opposed to less expensive wire. The front warmer is designed different to allow the front and rear warmers to rise in temperature more evenly. The Kevlar insulation is the most durable insulating product we can find. The thicker heavier elastic cord ensures that the extended sides of the warmer are pulled around to the tire side wall, but not interfering with the calipers.

All the products we purchase are the best we can buy. These products are then used to hand make each and every warmer by no more then three people per set. Then the finished product is tested and fully heat cycled and tagged for the customer. During John Bickle’’s 22 year racing carrier he worked hard at his racing efforts and valued the quality products that helped him enjoy the sport. It is our intention at Bickle Racing to build the best warmer we can and support that product after the sale. We feel our products should represent and support the effort you put into your racing.

 RSR Spec Race Warmers Black $499.00

RSR Spec Race Warmer – 78 Celsius , thermostat-non adjustable, Kevlar insulation, storage bin and one year warranty.Made in Canada. 125 and 250GP/650 sizes available.

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Photo: Studio819 Brandon Bones