RSR ECU Reprogramming Service


$599.99 USD FOB Hayden, ID

RSRacecraft ECU Reprogramming Service

Unlock the full potential of your Personal Watercraft Power Plant with our ECU Reprogramming Service. This re-flash service is performed by RSRacecraft tuning specialists. Please specify your modifications and performance goals. We will program your ECU with the correct tune from our library.

 Upgraded tuning parameters:

  • Increased RPM limit
  • Increased Horse Power
  • Remove speed limiters
  • Remove throttle restrictions
  • Improved fuel maps
  • Improved ignition timing maps
  • Improved throttle control & reaction

 Quick and easy service!

Step 1- E-mail katy@rsracecraft requesting to purchase the RSR Reprogramming service and provide the following details for your Mini JetBoat Power Plant.




Fuel Requirements (Current octane fuel you are using)

Modifications to the power plant (If any)

Contact Information:

Step 2- Once we receive your e-mail we will contact you for payment and shipping information.

Step 2- Package the ECU and send to the supplied address.

Step 3- We will contact you when we receive your ECU to confirm details.

Step 4- Free ground return shipping for continental USA customers!


Power Plant ECU’s Available For Reprogramming:


  •  GP1800 17-18
  • FX-SVHO 17-18
  • FX-SVHO 14-16
  • EX (TR1) 17-18
  • FZR/FZS SVHO 14-16
  •  FZR/FZS 09-13
  •  FX-SHO 08-16
  •  VXR/VXS 11-17
  • FX HO 09-17


  • ULTRA 310 14-19
  • ULTRA 300X 11-13
  • SXR 1500 17-19