RSRacecraft becomes US Supplier of WattsCraft Mini Jet Boats


RSRacecraft Becomes Sole US Supplier of WattsCraft Mini Jet Boats & Products.

Hayden, ID

RSRacecraft is proud to announce our partnership with WattsCraft to be the sole US supplier of their mini jet boats & products.  This new partnership brings a quality product to this market place not previously accessible to the United States.


WattsCraft began in 2014 with two brothers hankering for a little jet boat to venture into New Zealand’s mountains. Like many Kiwis they had neither the means or the inclination to buy one off the shelf.   They designed a boat from scratch and then a couple more and now have a range of little aluminium boat kit-sets and specialist parts to choose from.


In 2015 RSR relocated to northern Idaho.  Over the last couple of years we saw a niche and a need for traveling all of the small rivers, lakes, and streams.  After much research we found the WattsCraft line of mini jet boats.  WattsCraft of are among the very best for fit and finish, innovation, and superior workmanship. The WattsCraft staff  had a similar drive for not only a superior product but a pride in their in house development.  Adding this to our current catalog of in house products and services was a no brainer.  This was a chance to get back to our watercraft roots where the knowledge and development hours have already been spent.  Two plus decades, three world championships, and seven European titles later;  we would say that our background and understanding of watercraft engines, pumps, and performance will be a key asset.


“I’m excited not only to be a part of this growing segment of the boat market, but also to have a chance to apply many skills and technology we have already learned from PWC to the Mini jet boat market “ Ronnie Saner, owner at RSRacecraft.

“We are looking forward to working with RSRacecraft for their knowledge & access to PWC engines and pumps. Having RSR offering local support, more comprehensive kit-sets & turn-key jet boats is great news for US customers”. Henry Watts owner at WattsCraft


As we get hull kits prepared, intake kits in stock, and shelves stocked with engine builds and all the parts and pieces to build your own Mini Jet boat  check back and see what is new.  The website will be evolving over the next couple months,  as well as our in stock inventory.


RSRacecraft can be reached at www.rsracecraft.com and be sure to follow us on FB & Instagram.

See Wattscraft Mini Jet boats in action here.