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From $6499.00 USD FOB Hayden, ID

We have gone to great lengths to make this the most complete mini jet boat kit ever created. We have spent months developing this kit and the accessories to go along. Our goal was the end user would have every component they would need to complete their 1.8L Yamaha mini jet boat project. Kit is compatible with both the Naturally Aspirated or Supercharged models. This is your chance to build a Skookum13! This hull kit should retail for $7996.50 if all of the items were purchased separately. Not only do you get all of the brackets and additional parts but all of the holes are predrilled for ease of putting it together. Everything just got less complicated!!

Photos attached are a welded kit w/ included brackets and plates.

Kits are cut, folded & rolled. Ready to weld with no jig required.

Build complexity – 1 2 (3) 4 5

Come with WattsCraft Basic specs:

  • 3.6m long (12.92' Actual Length w/ Step), 57.33" @ chine, 12 Degree constant dead-rise
  • 3/8" Delta Keel, Nine stringers, Footrest bulkhead. 3/16" Outers.
  • 1/8" Topsides
  • Rear Swim Step
  • All 5083 Aluminium, CNC router cut
  • No jig required
  • Skookum Additional Hull Kit Items
  • Brackets Included in Kit
    • Throttle Cable Bracket
    • Electrical Box Bracket
    • Dash Pod Mounting Tabs (6)
    • Siphon Bilge Bracket
    • Fuel Tank Tie Down Provisions
  • CNC Pre-Cut Holes for Fitout
    • Dash - (3 Driver 1 Passenger) Holes for RSR Switches
    • Dash - 3.04" Diameter Mounting Hole forKicker Media Controller (Also fits JBL or Similar)
    • Dash - Wire Access Holes for Gauge Cluster
    • Dash / Foredeck - Location & Gas Holes for Front Handle
    • Front Bulkhead - Storage Access & 7.7" Speaker Mounting Holes (Fits 8" Coax Speakers)
    • Front Bulkhead - Notched for Bilge, Drain, and Instrument Wiring Harness
    • Front Bulkhead - Bolt Pattern for Electronic Throttle Assy
    • Keel - Yamaha Hydro Blaster - Main Intake Hole & Bolt Pattern
    • Transom - Exhaust (1) 3" Hole - Fits RSR Exhaust Plumbing Kit
    • Transom - Hydro Blaster Bolt Pattern & Jet Entrance
    • Transom - Steering Cable, Reverse Cable, and Trim Cable Holes
    • Transom - Siphon Bilge Through Hole
    • Transom - Hole for RSR Drain Plug
    • Transom - Hole for 5/8" RSR Coolant Bulkhead Fitting (Water Exit Dump)
    • Side Walls - 1" Hole for RSR Billet Bilge Exit
    • Side Walls -(1) Water Exit Hole Driver's Side
    • Side Walls - LH Wall Drilled for SSS Double or Single Lever Assy
    • Side Walls - Pre-drilled for RSR Strut Kit

Standard Welding Charge:

  • The standard welding charge includes a complete welded hull with engine cover, bulk head, midship bulk head and front bulk head all welded and installed.

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