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RSR 3.6m WattsCraft USA Send It Edition:- “It Ain’t Pretty But It Ain’t Broke

Company Employee Owned!

This Boat was built for one job and one job only… to test the limits of what we can do with a WattsCraft USA aluminum jet boat!! The river crasher and basher has been a social media sensation getting millions of views over multiple social media avenues. As you can see from the videos below, the boat has been put through the ringer and has been on land so much you could possibly claim it as a amphibian vehicle. With that being said the boat is still intact with zero repairs and in great running condition (driver also).

The hull is our super popular 3.6 meter WattsCraft USA aluminum kit equipped with the durable and fuel efficient Kawasaki 15F engine. This boat was used to develop our industry changing Hydro-Blaster intake and is a awesome all around boat spec for any type of mini jet boat enthusiast.

The adventures this boat has been on and still going on is a true testament to how versatile and robust these RSRacecraft Built Wattscraft Boats are!!

Sit back, watch the videos and enjoy the shenanigans!!!


3.6m/12′ WattsCraft USA 2 Seater

• Kawasaki Naturally Aspirated 15F 4-Stroke Power Plant
• 160hp
• 24 Gallon Fuel Tank
Custom Suspension Seats
• Custom RSR Spec Impeller
• Custom Traction Mats & Wrap
RSR Hydro-Blaster
• Internal Sound Deadening
UHMW Shallow Water Hull Protection Kit
• Engine Cover With Suspension Struts

If your interested in having us build you a complete custom mini jet boat, E-mail us at

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