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  • 10 Position Fuse Holder & Ground Bus
  • Weld-On Bracket
  • Stainless Hardware

Notes from Fuse Holder Manufacturer:

  • STRENGTH WHERE IT COUNTS - Unlike other overpriced boxes, our fuse box focuses on what actually matters. Boasting tin plated copper components, a durable PC cover, and an incredibly strong PBT base, the only thing it's missing is a bloated price tag.
  • POWER WHEN IT'S NEEDED - A fuse box has one mission, sending power to your lights and accessories, and with a 100A total rating and a 30A rating for each individual fuse, this box gets it done.
  • PROBLEM, SOLVED - Is it fun trying to find a blown fuse at night in the middle of nowhere? NO! But with built in blown fuse indicators you can easily find failed fuses and get back on (or off) the road faster, just don't forget to bring extra fuses.
  • DOUBLE DOWN ON FUNCTION - Combining a fuse box and a negative busbar just makes sense. Your accessories get a clean, dedicated source for power and ground and you get two things for the price of one, that's what we call a win-win situation.
  • PAINLESS INSTALL - Running wires for new accessories is hard enough, your fuse box shouldn't add to the stress. Wire it to the battery, add your ATC or ATO blade fuses, plug in your accessories, and get back to your life. Yup, that's it

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