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Protect your battery and your boat by installing our rugged and affordable battery box

Designed to fit marine batteries, our battery boxes provide an excellent and affordable solution to securing batteries and containing accidental electrolyte (acid) spillage. Due to the corrosive nature of the sulfuric acid used in marine batteries, it is important to protect the surrounding metals and fasteners from exposure; this is especially true for aluminum boats. The rigid polypropylene box and cover are resistant to acid leaks and are tightly fitted to restrain your group 24 battery from moving more than 1 inch in any direction: making them compliant with USCG and ABYC guidelines.

Also, because DC electrical shorts are one of the primary causes of onboard fires, installing a battery box with a cover is critically important for safety. For example, if you drop a crescent wrench across the terminals of an uninsulated marine battery, a massive short will result that could cause a serious electrical fire. These boxes also are vented to allow the routine discharge of hydrogen gas from flooded batteries.

Cables are run through molded inlet in the cover and the terminals are protected for accidental contact with the cover in place. The mounting hardware and strap are included to make installation straightforward.

Key Features

  • A rugged and affordable solution to safely secure, vent and protect one Group 24 battery
  • Secure cover prevents dangerous across-terminal electrical shorts
  • Vented to allow discharge of hydrogen gas
  • Acid resistant polypropylene construction
  • Strap included
  • They meet ABYC Standard E-10 and U.S. Coast Guard Specification Number 183.420 as an OEM-installed battery hold-down system.


  • Inside Dimensions: 10 1/4"L x 7"W x 8 3/8"
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