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ALL NEW FOR 2021!!!

We are proud to introduce you to the NEW RSRacecraft Hydro-Blaster 2.0. The design team took our tried, tested and proven Hydro-Blaster and went to work on trying to improve it for 2021. With the fast evolving mini jet boat industry we felt it was important to re-evaluate our super successful Hydro-Blaster and give it a few tweaks to help maintain optimum performance.

Here are the changes:

Raised Intake height:

The reason for this was with the bigger 4 stroke PWC engines oil plan clearance was becoming tighter and tighter. With adding UHMW the nuts would would protrude into the engine compartment under the oil pan and with heavy rock strikes we found that the nuts were getting a little close to the oil pan. By increasing the height of the intake it instantly rectified this problem.

Rear Steel Wedge:

For 2021 we now offer the option of a rear steel wedge, depending on the type of jet boating you do, the rear wedge takes a huge amount of abuse. If you're the type of person that is crossing gravel bars and striking rocks then the new rear steel wedge will be perfect for your application.

Stomp Grate Compatible:

Our New 2.0 Hydro-Blaster now comes with a stomp grate option, all 2.0 Hydro-Blasters are compatible so if you wanted to upgrade at a later date this is also an option. Having spent 2 years testing and developing we have finally developed a stomp grate that doesn’t hinder intake performance. Having tested other stomp grates we found that the flex in the intake bars caused by the stomp grate would cause disturbance in the water flow into the impeller thus causing unwanted cavitation. We ensured when building ours that the tolerances were extremely tight for the stomp bars, this solved the problem of the bars flexing and eliminated cavitation.

The Hydro Blaster Kit Includes:
  • Cast Aluminum Intake w/ Jet Pump Adapter & Carrier Bearing Mounting Flanges Drilled for Bolt Pattern
  • Hardened Steel Intake Grate with Replaceable Bars included with Stainless Steel Hardware, Front & Rear Blending Plates Made from 6061 T6
  • Custom Pump Adapter for your Jet Ski Pump included with Stainless Steel Hardware

The Hydro Blaster Intake is Currently Available for:

Yamaha 144-155 -160 mm $1299.00

Kawasaki 140-148-160 mm $1299.00

Sea-Doo – Spark and 4-Tec Applications $1348.00

Honda Aqua Trax $1299.00

Polaris / Textron 148mm $1348.00

Weld in Ring available for easy installation :

  • 1/2″ To be used with 3/8″ UHMW Bottom $199.00
  • Add An Additional 3/8″ Spacer To be used with No UHMW Bottom $175.00

Replacement Parts

Hardened Steel Grate Bars $35.00 each

Intake Grate Blending Plates $100.00 each

In a very short time mini jet boats have evolved a great deal….
What started as a grass roots effort in home workshops using wrecking yard jet ski parts has now turned into a purpose built industry capable of extremely high performance. What began with 60-90 hp repurposed jet ski drives in now 100-500hp boats reaching speeds well over 70mph.

The simple sheet metal inlet ducting that was adequate with low horse power projects of the past is no longer a realistic option in the current high- performance mini jet boat applications.

When the team at RSRacecraft began to transition from 30 years of building world championship level PWC to developing high performance mini jet boats we saw an opportunity we needed to apply our years of jet pump development to building the ultimate mini jet boat intake. We committed over 9 months of development to the design of the Hydro Blaster. Calling upon our experience both on the water and in the workshop using the latest CAD software, rapid prototype technology, as well as our in-house CNC facility. The goal of the project was to optimize the Hydro Blaster performance by:
• Shallow Water Capability
• Rocky and Abrasive Environments
• Ballistic Acceleration
• Top Speed
• Rough Water Hookup Previously Not Available to Mini Boat Builders

Due to the low inlet floor and velocity friendly shape of the Hydro Blaster a level of performance never before possible are easily achieved with PWC base jet pumps while still using a well designed intake grate to keep large stones and debris out.

* Each Hydro-Blaster is machined to order to fit your model of PWC donor. Depending on your donor and current inventory lead time on shipping is approximately 3 weeks. For more information on lead times and inventory please call or e-mail

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