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Having built multiple mini jet boats with the Kawasaki platform we encountered multiple problems with the reverse capabilities of using the Kawasaki reverse bucket system. The OEM Kawasaki reverse bucket mounts to the ride plate on the jet ski. Due to how this mounts,retro fitting this system to your mini jet boat is extremely difficult. In addition the system would only allow the driver to go backwards with almost zero turning capabilities which would cause problems negotiating rapids, loading, and unloading on the trailer. So the the design team at RSR has developed the answer…

The all new RSR Kawasaki Reverse Bucket System incorporates a split duct bucket enabling the driver to have powerful directional control which enables the boat to do full 360 spins within the the boats length with ease (see Video: This upgrade kit simply bolts straight to the OEM reduction nozzle with ease.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Made from Heavy Duty Reinforced Polymer
  • Dual Outlets for Optimum Control
  • Lightweight
  • Hardware Included (Uses OE Dowel)
  • 10 Minute Install
  • Reduces Cavitation

RSR Kawasaki Reverse Bucket System fits the following Kawasaki Platforms

  • Ultra 250-310
  • STX-12-15F
  • All Kawasaki 140-148-160 Pumps

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