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RSR Wiper Kit. $275.00 (per kit as pictured above)

Direct fit or replacement for Rogue 14 / Rogue 16 boats with NW windshield option.

Included wiper arms are adjustable from 11"-14" and includes 12" wiper blades.

Kit includes specialized 3-way switch (simple on/off switches will NOT operate this motor).

Requires 5/8" through hole for mounting.

These wiper kits may work well in many other applications, but are size specifically to fit our kits.

This kit is enough parts for one wiper. If wiper on both sides is desired you will need to purchase (2) kits.

We recommend our RSR tempered glass kit for your Rogue as the mounting holes are already ground in the glass before it is tempered.

** Most wiper motors are white in color, however, sometimes we receive them in black if that is all that is available. We cannot guarantee which color you will recieve.

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