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We are proud to introduce you to the NEW RSRacecraft Hydro-Blaster XLR!!! We developed this intake to suit the automotive based power plants (especially for our K24 Honda packages) capable of 30% more flow. This intake is useful for larger and heavier boats and minimizes low speed impeller spin.

Here are the changes:

The Hydro-Blaster XLR is a larger footprint intake that fits well in boats with slightly larger Delta pads.

It is raised approximately one inch vertically and allows room for larger oil pans on auto conversion engines like the K24 or Eco Boost. With almost 30% more flow this allows the single stage Yamaha 160 pumps to have much better low speed acceleration. We have props available from 16 to 25 degrees to accommodate as low as 180hp and as high as 600 hp. Engines used with this pump need to turn at least 7200 RPM.

We have designed this package to use the Yamaha 160mm pump.

Complete pump and intake packages are available now!

Stomp Grate Compatible:

The Hydro-Blaster XLR has a stomp grate option
The Hydro Blaster Kit Includes:
  • Cast Aluminum Intake w/ Jet Pump Adapter & Carrier Bearing Mounting Flanges Drilled for Bolt Pattern
  • Hardened Steel Intake Grate with Replaceable Bars included with Stainless Steel Hardware, Front & Rear Blending Plates Made from 6061 T6
  • Custom Pump Adapter for your Jet Ski Pump included with Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Hardware Includes:
    • (4) 1/4-20 x 7/8" - Wedges
    • (10) 1/4-20 x 1.25" - Wedges
    • (3) M8 x 45 - Carrier Bearing
    • (4) M10 x 25 - Pump Adapter
    • (4) M10 x 30 - Pump
  • Requires the use of RSR Driveshaft

Weld in Ring available for easy installation :

  • 1/2″ To be used with 3/8″ UHMW Bottom $249.00
  • Add An Additional 3/8″ Spacer To be used with No UHMW Bottom $219.00
  • 1/8" Shim to be used with unusual boat applications $32.00

Replacement Parts

Hardened Steel Grate Bars $50.00 each

Intake Grate Blending Plates $175.00 pair

* Each Hydro-Blaster is machined to order to fit your model of donor. Depending on your donor and current inventory lead time on shipping is approximately 2 weeks. For more information on lead times and inventory please call or e-mail

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