RSR Yamaha 1800 Intercooler.

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All NEW FOR 2023

Our ALL-NEW RSR Top Mount Intercooler for the 2014-2023 Yamaha GP1800R SVHO features a large cooler element that is rated for up to 400hp! High capacity cooler core resists heat soak under the most demanding high boost/high temperature applications. Quality manufacturing of cooler core delivers minimal pressure drops and excellent thermal efficiency. The cooling element is dramatically more efficient than the stock unit, this delivers cooler, denser air for increased performance throughout the RPM range. Features integrated Blow-Off Valve for improved supercharger reliability and performance. Intercooler comes with the top mount and installs securely with shock absorbing rubber mounting system.

Key Features Include:
  • Large cooler element rated for 400hp
  • Cooler & denser air charge produces more horsepower
  • Eliminates loss of power from “heat soaking” common with the stock intercooler
  • Includes blow-off valve
  • Includes to mount for maximum storage capacity
  • Includes everything to run from the supercharger to the throttle body

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