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Rugged Radio Kit

This Complete RUGGED kit allows you to talk between passengers & communicate with other boats in your group.

This Kit Includes The Following:

Rugged Straight Cable to Intercom: Connect your Ultimate headset directly to your intercom.

Push To Talk: Tough reliable Velcro mount PTT (push-to-talk) with coil cord is ideally suited for steering wheels.

696+ Intercom: The 696 PLUS intercom allows you to talk to passengers without yelling, directly through a headset.

Business Band Mobile Radio: The powerful RDM-DB digital/analog mobile radio delivers superior audio quality and crystal-clear communication.

Ultimate Headset: Experience comfort, style, and performance with this headset.

Billet Dress Up Bezel For Multi Mount And Intercom Insert : Dress up your installation with the Rugged Billet Aluminum bezel.

Stealth Tuned Antenna: The UHF Stealth is a small but powerful antenna. When riding with a group within a few miles the powerful Stealth antenna will provide clear transmit and receive communications.

Antenna Cable : This is a high quality, low profile base mount that does the job very well. 13 feet NMO cable connected easily with the antenna and there is plenty of cable to reach an antenna mounted practically anywhere on your boat.

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