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All NEW FOR 2021

With the huge success of our Skookum 13 kit the design crew at RSR & Wattscraft NZ decided to redesign the original 3.3 Wattscraft Hull. The Objective was to design a hull that would take customers back to the roots of mini jet boating. The hull is Sharpe, precise and designed to utilize 3cylinder 4stroke/2stroke power plant packages. *Note the Kawasaki 4cylinder Power Plants will also work

The Bantam is our most nimble handling hull to date. We spent a lot of time developing the hull, with a 14 degree dead rise and aggressive chines the Bantam turns sharper than any other boat we have designed which makes it perfect for negotiating all kinds of water conditions.

Just like our Skookum 13 kit the Bantam comes locked and loaded with all the additional pieces to get you well on your way to building the ultimate Mini Jet Boat

Photos attached are a completed build w/ included brackets and plates.

Kits are cut, folded & rolled. Ready to weld with no jig required.

Build complexity – 1 2 (3) 4 5

2021 WattsCraft Bantam Basic specs:

  • 12.2' Actual Length w/ Step), 57.33" @ chine, 14 Degree constant dead-rise
  • 3/8" Delta Keel
  • 1/8" Topsides
  • Rear Swim Step
  • All 5086 Aluminium, CNC router cut
  • No jig required
  • Bantam Additional Hull Kit Items:
    • Midship Bulkhead / Fire Wall
    • Full Bulkhead w/ Storage & Speaker Cut Outs
    • Engine Cover
    • Flat Dash w/ Glove Box
    • RSR Seat Base with Storage
    • 22 Gallon Fuel Tank Kit
    • Dash Mounted Passenger Grab Rail
    • RSR Seat Base Plates
    • Motor Mount Cross Members w/ Plates
    • Battery Box Mounting Plate
  • Brackets Included in Kit
    • Flat Dash Pod Mounting Tabs (6)
    • Fuse Panel Kit Bracket
    • Fuel Tank Tie Down Provisions
    • Steering Helm Reinforcement Bracket
  • CNC Pre-Cut Holes for Fitout
    • Dash - Steering Helm (Fits 135 Deg Steering Helm)
    • Dash - 19mm 3/4" Holes for RSR Switch Kit + 2 RSR heated switch holes
    • Dash - Blank with pre cut glove box
    • Dash - 3.04" Diameter Mounting Hole for Kicker Media Controller (Also fits JBL/MTX or Similar)
    • Dash - Wire Access Holes for Gauge Cluster
    • Dash / Foredeck - Location & Gas Holes for Front Handle
    • Front Bulkhead - Storage Access & 7.7" Speaker Mounting Holes (Fits MTX 7.7" Speakers)
    • Front Bulkhead - Notched for Bilge, Drain, and Instrument Wiring Harness
    • Keel - RSR Hydro-Blaster - Main Intake Hole & Bolt Pattern
    • Transom - Hydro Blaster Bolt Pattern & Jet Entrance
    • Transom - Steering Cable, Reverse Cable, and Trim Cable Holes
    • Transom - Siphon Bilge Through Hole
    • Transom - Hole for RSR Drain Plug
    • Side Walls - 1" Hole for RSR Billet Bilge Exit
    • Side Walls -(1) Water Exit Hole Driver's Side
    • Side Walls - LH Wall Drilled for SSS Double or Single Lever Assy
    • Side Walls - Pre-drilled for RSR Strut Kit

Standard Welding Charge:

  • The standard welding charge includes a complete welded hull with engine cover, bulk head, midship bulk head and front bulk head all welded and installed.

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