3.8 FUN 4 FOUR

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3.8m FUN 4 FOUR!


Do you want a mini but want to be able to bring the family? Looking to pack some gear and head out on an adventure? With this 4 seat option you have room for four and to pack some storage items in the bow.

The Hull chosen for the build is the new 3.8 Meter Wattscraft USA Aluminum Kit. This hull design can seat 4 people and travel through shallow waters and remote rivers to reach the most desirable locations. The 3.8 meter hull is one of the most versatile sizes in the Wattscraft USA range. The Power Plant is a Yamaha 1.8L SVHO 4-Stroke modified to 350hp equipped with dual 16-gallon tanks.


If your interested in having us build you a complete custom mini jet boat, E-mail us at

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