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One of the 1st hurdles when installing your Yamaha PWC Donor is having to deal with the length of the Drive Shaft.

The Drive Shaft that comes with all modern day Yamaha PWCs is far too long to work in a Mini Jet Boat Application.

Over the years to solve this problem, the solution was to send the Drive Shaft away to have it shortened, balanced and re-splined. Unfortunately very few machine shops can carry this work out because of the re-spline tooling required, this leads to long delays, shipping fees and becomes very expensive.

The team at RSR has taken the time to develop they're own Heavy Duty custom length Drive Shaft. The shaft is brand new and ready to go at the length required for Mini Jet Boat Applications.

*No Core Required - Sold Out Right

The RSR HD Yamaha Short Drive Shaft fits the following Models:

Yamaha 275E 1800 2019

Yamaha 275SD 1800 2019

Yamaha 275SE 1800 2019

Yamaha AR 195 1800 2017-2019

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO 1800 2014-2021

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO LTD 1800 2017-2021

Yamaha FX SVHO 1800 2014-2021

Yamaha GP 1800 2017-2018

Yamaha GP-R 1800 2019

Yamaha GP-R SVHO 18002020

Yamaha SX 195 1800 2017-2019

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